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I used coconut butter because that was all I had and I use ghee instead of butter. BTW I forgot to add the vanilla and it was still awesome.

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I served it with a Thermomix made ice-cream of blended frozen fruit bananas, berries, mango, kiwifruit and plain greek yoghurt. I tried this recipe exactly as described and it came out so mushy in the middle! What went wrong? I was sooo excited to eat it. Toothpick came out clean but I tried flipping it over onto a cooling rack and the middle fell out!

Cooked 10 minutes longer and still had mush. For me I did if also exactly as mentioned with a scale and it was just perfect, 35 minutes in the oven for the muffins version in a silicon pan. The oven has to be warm also before using it. Our app has nutrition information for every recipe. Made 16 muffins with this recipe.

Baked degrees for about 27 minutes—took it out sooner because the tops were getting too brown and the tester came out clean. Used coconut oil; added raisins for added texture and sweetness. The muffins were moist and spongier than expected, but held its shape. I will enjoy this for breakfast! Thank you for the recipe. Someone brought this to a work luncheon and it was the first thing to disappear.

It never lasts more than a few minutes. I wonder how long this keeps in the freezer? Great recipe! My kids love it.

The second time I did half almond butter and half coconut butter. I added cacao nibs on the top. Love the texture. Moist but not mushy. How to you store this recipe? In the fridge? Thank-you for sharing this recipe, the whole family children ranging from just love it, which is a first! I tried this recipe and the only change I made was I used almond flour instead of coconut flour. I was worried that it may taste more like coconut that was why I changed flours. Mine came out kind of mushy as well. Any recommendations?? So I followed the recipe exactly and it literall came out as a giant pile of mush.

Mine always come out mushy too. Just made a batch tonight, mushy. And yes, I use coconut flour. Will try half the amount of butter next time. PS This delicious recipe works perfect in the microwave tried it loved it. Good muffin! I like the texture. Thanks for the healthy recipe :.

If you substitute the coconut flour for almond flour, does that affect the recipe? Anyone try that variation? This really is awesome. I made it last weekend. Thank you for this recipe! This recipe is so good but I did burn it slightly as mine is a fan assisted oven, I needed to reduce the time. If I put wall nuts in do I have to reduce any of the ingredients? I made this recipe and everyone in my household thought it was a hit!

I used alomnd butter and I added some fresh organic blueberries, it was so delicious! Just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing this great recipe! I have a perfect lemon poppy seed recipe already for you. Click here to see it. I love this recipe. My banana bread came out perfect and it was the first time I have made bread. I love that it is not too sweet, did not have to add honey. I also substituted almond butter for peanut butter as I could not find any peanut butter. I have made this recipe as muffins several times. So convenient for a take-along snack. Taste even better on the second day.

I have a question on the variation suggestions. Do you omit the bananas when making the variations or add the other ingredients as well as bananas? Amazing recipe!! Finally, I can indulge in eating banana bread without any guilt. I am definitely making this again. I made the pumpkin-pecan version, and added a few tbs of sugar-free chocolate chips. I love this recipe! Any thoughts?

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This was the best paleo banana bread recipe I have tried! I am always looking for paleo versions of my favorite treats, and this one was tops. This is a great resource for reliable recipes that taste amazing. I made this with applesauce instead of banana and it was awesome! I added two eggs and 2 tbsp extra of coconut flour to the mixture as well. And simple.

Paleo Banana Bread

The most recent variation: added shredded coconut, dried cranberries and chocolate chips. Made part of the batch as muffins and the ones made in a doughnut pan were fantastic! I made a few changes. I used coconut oil instead of butter. I also doubled the vanilla and added orange flavor too. I also added a dash of maple syrup… and I confess that I added some chocolate chips… So okay, not exactly paleo, but close enough. I LOVE this recipe. I have made it so many times and the best part is that it never fails! I have tried a few different flavours too!

My favourite is home-made chocolate hazelnut butter. Hi, George. And no additional sweeteners! You may have guessed by now that my answer to your question about whether an e-book on this bread and its variations would be a good idea: an unqualified YES! Absolutely glad I came across this recipe. Nothing bad in it and tastes awesome.

Dirty Socks and Banana Bread: Real Life Relationship Advice That Actually Works!

I make it every week. I am only new to paleo so maybe my pallet was expecting the sugar filled mainstream flavour but never the less it was an unappealing taste I hope to correct in the future. Maybe you should try using riper bananas?

If you use really ripe bananas it turns out super sweet and the banana flavour is off the charts! I will try the cocoa powder next time for the chocolate version — thanks so much! I have made this several times and feel compelled to share a few things….