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It's amazing how diverse are food prep jobs he has had. It looks like a fun game, and I'd be keen to join if there were room. I am officially closing the thread to any further characters. Ancalagon Dusty Dragon. I'll be back home to my books tomorrow evening weather permitting. If there is anything in the meantime I can tell you to help you make a decision I would be glad to help.

And by decide I mean figure out if I have the mental cookies to keep an 8 player game sane. I'm bad at deciding. I think almost any GM would find 8 players difficult but it is different on play by post? I don't know , so if you can't take all of us we'll understand.

What I meant by my question is that if there are more character details you would like if you decide to pick and choose.

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Will keep you posted. Shayuri Visitor. I haven't officially submitted a character yet JustinCase the magical equivalent to the number zero. Still considering if I should have Xantos Zakynthos return. If I do, he'll have a level of rogue with his fighter levels, to represent his tendency for fighting dirty. When is the deadline? Let's set a deadline of January 29, this sunday. Oh, Ancalagon I think you've given me enough info on the character I like the idea.

TallIan Explorer. Pyrlig is in the RG. Just need to sot out equipment because it's still the old equipment list as a starting warlock. His old back story is still there. I'll tweak it slightly but mostly it'll still be the same. I also have to add the three NPC's.

I've got the enemy one and an idea that'll work for either the friend or neutral one depending on how I spin it. I'll try and get it all up soon. Charwoman Gene said:. Kobold Stew said:. One of the most important Viking families in the Low Countries was that of Rorik of Dorestad based in Wieringen and his brother Harald based in Walcheren.

Around , Lothair I acknowledged Rorik as ruler of most of Friesland. And again in Rorik was received by Charles the Bald in Nijmegen , to whom he became a vassal. Viking raids continued during this period. Harald's son Rodulf and his men were killed by the people of Oostergo in Rorik died sometime before Buried Viking treasures consisting mainly of silver have been found in the Low Countries.

Two such treasures have been found in Wieringen. A large treasure found in Wieringen in dates from around and is thought perhaps to have been connected to Rorik.

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The burial of such a valuable treasure is seen as an indication that there was a permanent settlement in Wieringen. Around , Godfrid arrived in Frisian lands as the head of a large force that terrorised the Low Countries. Controlling most of Frisia between and his death in , Godfrid became known to history as Godfrid, Duke of Frisia. His lordship over Frisia was acknowledged by Charles the Fat , to whom he became a vassal.

Although the Vikings were not forced by arms to abandon their camp, they were compelled to come to terms in which their leader, Godfrid, was converted to Christianity. Godfrid was assassinated in , after which Gerolf of Holland assumed lordship and Viking rule of Frisia came to an end. Viking raids of the Low Countries continued for over a century. Remains of Viking attacks dating from to have been found in Zutphen and Deventer.

The last attacks took place in Tiel in and Utrecht in Compared with the rest of Western Europe, the Iberian Peninsula seems to have been little affected by Viking activity, either in the Christian north or the Muslim south. Our knowledge of Vikings in Iberia is mainly based on written accounts, many of which are much later than the events they purport to describe, and often also ambiguous about the origins or ethnicity of the raiders they mention.

The Indian Ocean (Seas in History)

The most prominent and probably most significant event was a raid in , when Vikings entered the Garonne and attacked Galicia and Asturias. Many of the Vikings' casualties were caused by the Galicians' ballistas — powerful torsion-powered projectile weapons that looked rather like giant crossbows. They then proceeded south, raiding Lisbon and Seville. This Viking raid on Seville seems to have constituted a significant attack. Despite some elaborate tales in late sources, little is known for sure about these attacks.

Tenth- or eleventh-century fragments of mouse bone found in Madeira, along with mitocondrial DNA of Madeiran mice, suggests that Vikings also came to Madeira bringing mice with them , long before the island was colonised by Portugal. Quite extensive evidence for minor Viking raids in Iberia continues for the early eleventh century in later narratives including some Icelandic sagas and in northern Iberian charters. As the Viking Age drew to a close, Scandinavians and Normans continued to have opportunities to visit and raid Iberia while on their way to the Holy Land for pilgrimage or crusade, or in connection with Norman conquests in the Mediterranean.

It seems clear that rather than being Normans, these men were Varangian mercenaries fighting for Byzantium. Later several Anglo-Danish and Norwegian nobles participated in the Norman conquest of southern Italy. Harald Hardrada , who later became king of Norway , seems to have been involved in the Norman conquest of Sicily between and , [69] under William de Hauteville , who won his nickname Iron Arm by defeating the emir of Syracuse in single combat, and a Lombard contingent, led by Arduin.

The well-known Harald Hardrada would also serve the Byzantine emperor in Palestine as well as raiding North Africa, the Middle East as far east as Armenia, and the island of Sicily in the 11th century, as recounted in his saga in Snorri Sturluson's Heimskringla. Evidence for Norse ventures into Arabia and Central Asia can be found in runestones erected in Scandinavia by the relatives of fallen Viking adventurers.

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Several of these refer to men who died in " Serkland " possibly Arabia. Meanwhile, in the Eastern Mediterranean the Norse referred to as Rus' were viewed more as "merchant-warriors" who were primarily associated with trade and business. The Vikings settled coastal areas along the Baltic Sea , and along inland rivers in Russian territories such as Staraya Ladoga , Novgorod and along major waterways to the Byzantine Empire.

The real involvement of the Varangians is said to have come after they were asked by the Slavic tribes of the region to come and establish order, as those tribes were in constant warfare among each other "Our country is rich and immense, but it is rent by disorder. Come and govern us and reign over us. The tribes were united and ruled under the leadership of Rurik , a leader of a group of Varangians.

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Rurik had successfully been able to establish a set of trading towns and posts along the Volga and Dnieper Rivers, which were perfect for trade with the Byzantine Empire. Rurik's successors were able to conquer and unite the towns along the banks of the Volga and Dnieper Rivers, and establish the Rus' Khaganate. Around , Varangians appeared near the village of Bashi on the Rioni River, to establish a permanent [ clarification needed ] settlement of Vikings in Georgia.

The Georgian Chronicles described them as 3, men who had traveled from Scandinavia through present-day Russia, rowing down the Dnieper River and across the Black Sea. King Bagrat IV welcomed them to Georgia and accepted some of them into the Georgian army; several hundred Vikings fought on Bagrat's side at the Battle of Sasireti in Other Vikings continued westward, thereafter disappearing from history. Swedish researchers recently suggested that the story in the Georgian chronicle was about the Swedish expedition by the Viking chieftain Ingvar den Vittfarne Ingvar the Far-Traveled , which features in many rune stones in mid-Sweden.

Iceland was discovered by Naddodd , one of the first settlers on the Faroe Islands , who was sailing from Norway to the Faroe Islands but got lost and drifted to the east coast of Iceland. Iceland was first settled around According to the story, he threw two carved pillars overboard as he neared land, vowing to settle wherever they landed.

He then sailed along the coast until the pillars were found in the southwestern peninsula, now known as Reykjanesskagi.

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In the year , Erik the Red was believed to have discovered Greenland after being exiled from Iceland for murder in Three years later in , Erik the Red returned with 14 surviving ships as 25 set out on the expedition. Two areas along Greenland's southwest coast were colonized by Norse settlers, including Erik the Red, around The settlers arrived during a warm phase, when short-season crops such as rye and barley could be grown.

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