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Ended up on a crossroad Try to figure out which way to go It's like you're stuck on a treadmill Running in the same place You got your hazard lights on now Hoping that somebody would slow down Praying for a miracle Who'll show you grace? Had a couple dollars and a quarter tank of gas With a long journey ahead Seen a truck pull over God sent an angel to help you out He gave you direction Showed you how to read a map With the long journey ahead Said it ain't ever over Oh, even in the midst of doubt.

Life is worth living Life is worth living, so live another day The meaning of forgiveness People make mistakes Doesn't mean you have to give in Life is worth living again. Relationship on a ski slope Avalanche comin' down slow Do we have enough time to salvage this love? Feels like a blizzard in April 'Cause my heart is just that cold Skating on thin ice But it's strong enough to hold us up.

Seen her scream and holler Put us both on blast Tearing each other down When I thought it was over God sent an angel to help us out He gave us direction, showed us how to make it last For that long journey ahead Said it ain't ever over Oh, even in the midst of doubt. Life is worth living Life is worth living, so live another day The meaning of forgiveness People make mistakes Doesn't mean you have to give in Life is worth living again, ooh Life is worth living again. What I get from my reflection Is a different perception From what the world may see They try to crucify me I ain't perfect, won't deny My reputation's on the line So I'm working on a better me.

Life is worth living, oh yeah Life is worth living, so live another day The meaning of forgiveness People make mistakes Only God can judge me Life is worth living again Another day Life is worth living again. Escriba su nombre de usuario en Tuul. But maybe will we get extra credit for them? Scott, you said, "Dr. Couldn't finding your 'happy place' land you on death row? I think you read too much into what I wrote - I did not mean to conflate meaning with value, nor did I imply that one's meaning should direct one's life to the exclusion of anything else especially morality.

I was merely making an existential point in response to Professor Thagard, that each person is responsible for finding his or her own meaning and also what he or she does as a result, to be sure , and I saw no reason to exclude faith as a possible source of that self-discovered meaning. Don't get me wrong, I'm an atheist. Even I was offended my by Mr. Thagard's argument against religion. dictionary :: Life is worth living :: English-German translation

His last statement overly generalizes religion to satisfy his opening "bogus" sentence. There are two aspects of all religions. The present life and the afterlife.

God Does Care About You

Our present course of actions determines our course during the afterlife. All the major religions promote the golden rule. That basic tenet has such breadth and meaning that it cannot be dismissed as "bogus". To Mr. Thagard's point, the many varied religions has taken it's toll on the populace. It's not surprising that the Pew Research Center reports yrs olds' dissatisfaction with the institution of religion.

But interestingly enough, they still believe in a moral authority. People by and large are not throwing out the baby with the bath water. Only Mr. Thagard has done that.

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I think nihilism is the most intellectually honest position. It may not be a pleasant world-view and that's probably why most people don't adopt it. Saying it's not plausible just because most people don't buy into it is besides the point. What makes life worth living is different for everyone. The only person that can answer that question is yourself! And what ever reason you find is ok as long as you can believe that life is worth living.

So if you don't find the answer, should one stop living? Or just keeping living a miserable existence in hopes of finding the answer? Hi there, this is a very strange question I am an author, and have very little understanding of maths.

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I need a mathematical equation for my upcoming novel. After having read your post and having a complete understanding of mathematics I can tell you there is no way to propagate any mathematical formula that would equate reasons worth living into a mathematical formula. Reasons worth living are generally emotional in some way shape or form.

In math there is no emotion. There's no way to incorporate emotion into a mathematical formula. Where X Y and Z are anything you choose for substitution. Before you do this let me warn you that the mathematical community will ask you for making such a comparison. The scientific Community would do the same.

And many readers of your book would chastise you in one way or another. I am curious as to why you need a mathematical formula in the first place for your book.

I can see having a complete understanding of mathematics does not always mean someone really does. Pascal once said mathematically it doesn't hurt to believe in a god. Essentially Pascal was saying that it doesn't hurt to believe in a god whether one exists or not. His belief states that it is better to believe in one, than spend eternity in damnation. If you search for the words Pascal's wager, and then select the one that is in Wikipedia it defines what I'm about to tell you. Anybody with the most basic of math skills really can't refute what Pascal stated.

Life Is Worth Living

I say this because, to the best of my knowledge, nobody to whom we can speak has met or seen God. Sure, there are people that state they have spoken with or seen God. However, there is no tangible evidence. While theologists may jump right on that, any scientist will reject it for lack of tangible evidence. If you don't believe in a God and you die then you find out there is no God nothing is lost. However, if you die and find out there is a God, and you didn't believe in God, you lose.

If you believe in God, and you die, finding no God then nothing is lost.

However, if you find a God then you win. The math is broken up into four simple equations:. Mathematically there is only one way to win. Although I suppose it depends upon your perception of what it means to win. Now I know this doesn't answer your question directly, so I will tie it in. Assuming there is a God, then I'm sure this deity would not want you to commit suicide or any other kind of murder.

But that's where the notion of Free Will comes into play. We all have choices we can make. Or to coin a phrase, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

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By the way, to the person who says they have a complete understanding of mathematics, let me tell you right now. I was not making fun of you, or attempting to belittle you in any way, shape, or form. I'm sure your math skills are quite proficient.