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No More Clutter [Sue Kay] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Clutter affects all of us - stressed and time-poor professionals, couples rowing.
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So far. Any hints? Yes Gwen. Take all your husbands boxes outside to garden on a sunny day, on the pretext of airing them. Then ask him if there is any of it he still wants to be patr of his life. He may surprise you and ditch it all. Convince him to sell it on ebay.

Money would go towards finally taking that trip he has always wanted, or other memorable family event to happen. Hubby would hang on to magazines, some to do with his line of work. Not there yet, but slowly making progress! These habits have been so effective. I spent so little time cleaning and decluttering because it is second nature. I am able to have guests at the drop of the hat, exercising my gift of hospitality.

No Longer Drowning in Paper: DMS Helps Clear the Clutter

I have so much extra time for fun and family now, and truly feel freer. Thank you for your inspiration, Josh. Same here. Cleaning used to be a burden. Now it is a breeze. Keep stove-table-TV-Computer and Bed. Take everything else to goodwill are where ever.

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And she was right. Pretend that your house is on the market and you may have a showing any minute now. Clean and tidy with no clutter, plus organized closets will become a lifestyle. I tackle spring cleaning the same way I often approach my workouts: 10 minutes at a time! Commit to one task for 10 minutes, and if you feel like continuing on — go for it! If not, at least you started the process.

Longlands Carpet Cleaners Ltd. The suggestions you make are so helpful! Thank you. I have also been working on how to clear up clutter in life… I created an artwork about it to help inspire people. I hope it helps you too! Your articles have been so inspiring. I was already in a slow journey to simplifying my life.

However, since around October , I have actively shed my home starting with shoes, clothing, moved to the kitchen, bedroom junk and moved back to getting rid of more clothing. This was a very freeing activity. It made me think clearer and be more intentional about my purchases.

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I still have a lot to do as a recovering pack rat but I will get there with your help. Thank you very much! The new year always inspires us to clean and organize our homes, and it feels so good! I am selling these items on ebay and using the proceeds to help a community in Northern Uganda. I feel happy in so many ways. I found and started to follow your blog as of February of this year. Your points on how to live a clutter free life and adopt a minimalist lifestyle really resounded with me.

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I have adopted the lifestyle, much to the bemusement of those who know me. The emotional and physical freedom is incredible. Selling some, giving away most has been a reward in of itself, that is until I approached my books. Five large bookcases and a love affair with books for over 50 years, the decision to part with most is proving to be very painful.

I am persevering and I am making head way. The largest book case is empty and the bookcase is gone — 4 more to go. The link in this article concerning books written by guest blogger Robin Devine is very helpful. Thank you for your openness in sharing your thoughts and methods, and too for the many links to other like minded bloggers.

A local church by my house has a big mailbox outside designated for any community member to take or leave books free. Perhaps you could have your place of worship to do the same. I hear ya. Just lead by example. While I find your article helpful, I think a more in depth approach is needed. The problem is really why we hold onto certain things in the first place and getting past that before we can actually declutter.

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You are so right. My problem is with paper. I started de cluttering after my husband passed. I have started using the timer on my phone. It is amazing how much you can get done in 30 minutes. I am now down to 2 rooms, then the garage.

Thank you for inspiring me to get busy. I love this idea of de cluttering for 30 minutes a day!

Decluttering for Messy People

We have been saving it until the weekends and our simple weekends are becoming projects. The weekend project is decluttering and organizing together has helped us not to fall in the same patterns of buy, buy, buy. I also started decluttering after my husband passed. We were together for 20 years and he never threw anything out, ever. The task of going through his things is so overwhelming. God Bless. I need to get on with it. Have you tried inviting a friend to help you throw out?

A pal makes it much easier to stick with the program. How can you not want this? Baby steps are getting me there.