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The story of Noah's ark gives us one of the greatest examples of perseverance and trusting in God's plan. God brings a flood to the earth to.
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Moreover, the story also deals with a very important question that F.

How Did Early Christians View Noah’s Ark?

It would not have been a feature of the lives of Homo habilis , or Homo erectus , or even the subsequent H. We can expect that Resignation would have only appeared during the , year reign of H. Christ and the life of denial-free prophets are explained in the next essay, F. So the evidence is that the world of soundness and happiness is not far below the surface in humans today — which, incidentally, means that while there must be a degree of genetic adaption to a resigned, soul-destroyed existence in humans now, a sound, sensitive and happy life is retrievable for all humans.

What is presented in F. Essay 40 , so you can choose to leave that insecure, embattled, insensitive, mean and unhappy life behind. So Moses knew all about Resignation, including how it became all but universal. Moses — who wrote not just Genesis but the first five books of the Bible — was certainly an exceptional unresigned, denial-free-thinking prophet. Understandably, however — in a development that is discussed in F. Essay 35 and elaborated upon in ch. But with the upset state of the human condition now defended, all religious metaphorical descriptions, parables and symbols — in fact, all mythology — can be safely explained and demystified, as is shown throughout FREEDOM and in the compilation of all my work, the book Freedom Expanded.

In fact, virtually the whole story of the human condition, bar its scientific explanation, is perfectly described in the Bible, albeit in the abstract, metaphysical and metaphorical terms that denial-free, truthful-thinking prophets were limited to in those early pre-science times when the Bible was written.

William Hazlitt, , p. How can all the different races and people of the world be descendants of Noah and the would be survivors? It's ridiculous. I am constantly amazed at the willingness of people to pontificate and post on topics that they obviously have not researched or studied to any extent.

Noah's Ark and the Flood - Bible Story

Most of these comments are made with minimal objectivity. Creationist opponents expound about the "faith" that creationists must rely on in the absence of real science but ignore their own faith in the many yet to be explained scientific mysteries. The same "scientists" that claim there are no proofs of young earth have progressively abdicated real science and proclaim theoryies as fact. We can't understand genomes and genetic diversity occurring from 8 people but can accept it from one micro-organism? One day all the blind will be made to see and will be accountable for all their beliefs and actions.

It is wholly useless to present a reasoned, factual, science-based argument to a "true believer" TB. A TB is basically brain-washed and is incapable of objectively considering any evidence that challenges their ingrained beliefs. This is quite apparent from many of the responses to Dr. Cargill's well-reasoned presentation.

How Did Early Christians View Noah’s Ark?

Fear is the main barrier to opening one's mind to evidence that may negate one's cherished religious beliefs - fear that one will go to Hell; fear that God will abandoned them; fear that life will be without meaning; fear that their friends and loved ones and colleagues will shun them; and the biggest fear of all is the fear that their death means the end of them. Thus, they stubbornly reject the truth, and cling to myths that, to them, make life worth living.

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I say let them find happiness and meaning the best way they are able to even if it means believing the myths written and embellished by ancient peoples who were trying to understand nature and life the best way they knew how at the time. The Bible and all so-called holy books, and religions, were and are entirely produced by human beings using their imagination. I can understand how accepting that truth can be disturbing, as it disturbed me when I first realized it. But, once understood and accepted, it is liberating, and then life can then be lived authentically.

Neiburger, by definition, God cannot err, unless the person who defined God to be perfect erred. To assume that God spoke words to primitive Homo sapiens of the Southern Levant thousands of years ago seems to be nothing more than unsubstantiated conjecture. Did this same God speak to even more primitive Homo sapiens in the northern India region thousands of years before speaking, say, to Abraham if Abraham existed? If so, a lot of nice animals would be spared from us eating them!

Regarding the flood, there definitely could have been several severe floods in the middle east area before and after Gilgamesh.

Stories From The Bible - Noah's Ark

If so, these were undoubtedly widespread, but regional, floods. Had we been there and recorded many years later what happened having heard it after it was passed down through many generations , we probably would have written a story about the entire world flooding, since to us it was our known world. Plus, since ancient people attributed all natural disasters to God even today we call them 'acts of God'!!! There could have been a boat ark with some animals on it, but that story also got "lost in translation" and became something totally exaggerated. You choose to believe what scientific evidence is presented you.

I respect that. I welcome debate of the scripture, even though I may not like what I read. I, however, have chosen through personal experience with Jesus Christ to believe in faith what I cannot see. I suppose you could argue, that He was simply using it as a communication tool. However, Heb. You could argue the accuracy of these scriptures, which I would be open to hearing, but until then I think I choose, by faith, to believe the Word of God, over what scientific facts 1 TIm.

Again, I respect science, am not opposed to it at all, however, as a scientist you must work with the information available to you. As a Christian, I must work with what is available to me. In order to choose one over the other, I am going to need a whole lot more consensus on the subject than what currently exists.

You can't prove the Genesis accounts are based on some earlier stories.

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Similarities do not make it so. You can postulate it, but you can't prove it. As one of the most brilliant seminary professors said, "Proof is in the eye of the beholder.

Everyone has a set of biases, and that includes both scientists and scholars. Anyone familiar with science can catalog a long list of declarations from scienctists that have turned out to be false. People who are sceptics about science's objectivity are not fools. They are wise in their understanding. Scientific pomposity is not the same thing as proof. Theories take faith to believe regardless of amount of verbiage used to try to explain. Faith in man or faith in God.

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Once you combine them and study the sciences with a keen outlook on how man expands on God's gifts and God expands on man's free will, you will start to have a better understanding of where to look for evidences and where to look for guidance when evidences seem distant. Though everything written may be true, Dr. Cargill certainly did not provide the proper academic sources to prove it.

This explosion from nothing created the universe. Wouldn't an explosion that great have destroyed everything. But wait, there wasn't anything to begin with. And science thinks faith in God is ridiculous. I am a practicing Catholic, but accept the fact that the flood, as described in the Bible, could not have been possible.

I only take into account the existence of the animal species. Did Noah take two of each? How the heck did they reproduce after the flood avoiding inbreeding and thus degeneration of the specie? Did he take two of each of the lower animals, namely insects, arachnids, annelids et al.? How did these survived if Noah did not take two of each?

How was inbreeding overcame? I respect the author's viewpoint. However, when we call on science, we ought to bring in real scientific proofs. The article seems short on proofs. Does that take into account that the flood story said that most of flood water were initially stored upstairs and let down to cause the flood? If land area of the planet were levelled, we would be several meters below water.

Science has been "0ff course" several times, so let us not be overzealous about some 'scientific fact' we think we have. We may become just what we condemn religionist for; fanatical zealots. The fundamentalist belief in a literal earthwide flood is one of the fantastic fantasies that cause my inner revolt to Biblical literalism. My heart cannot rejoice in that which my mind rejects and no other feature of Biblical literalism save that of a reanimated Jesus-corpse causes me more wonder and mirth. The best way to deal with this silly belief is to sit down with a Noah's Flood believer IF you are the target of soul-saving witnessing and reason with them using the phrase from Isaiah "Come and let us reason together".

Point out to them the square footage of the Box using the dimensions given in the book of Genesis and ask how the millions of species including dinosaurs and dinosaur sized mammals could fit inside such a Box along with enough food and fresh water to keep them alive. Not to mention the problems involved in getting the raptors and T-Rexes to behave in a civil, orderly, and vegetarian fashion. In my experience the Biblical literalist will become uncomfortable then confrontational. The arguments will include such statements as "God made the interior of the Box far larger than the exterior.

With God all things are possible". Well, fine. Then why did God even command Noah to make a giant Box at all? He could have directed Noah to make a box the size of a matchbox and place all of the animals and provisions inside. Surely the sight of mammoths and dinosaurs disappearing into a tiny box would give anyone the willies and they would repent and believe God! But, why round up the animals at all when God could have zapped them all and transported them as well as Noah and his family into the near future and a dried cleansed Earth?

Many articles in this vein have been written demonstrating the fictional probably allegorical nature of this Bible story. Any Biblical literalist is hereby cordialy invited to debate with me on this topic in person. All I ask is that my round-trip travel expenses be paid.

Any takers?

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