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Digital subscriptions are available across all devices and include the latest issue and all regular issues released during your subscription. Your chosen terms will automatically renew unless auto-renew is cancelled in your subscription area 24 hours before the end of the current subscription. Digital subscriptions are available across all devices and include all regular issues released during your subscription. For example, is Magick considerably more than just the stuff of legends? And could it be compared to a form of technology?

Is there apparent proof of the reality of phenomena in the bizarre and convoluted world of Quantum Physics, and that magick might even be real? Is there really proof that we survive physical death? Is this idea more than mere wishful thinking, and more importantly, can the departed really answer us? No aspect of the multi-faceted world of the paranormal will be over-looked, because although fascinating enough, there is so much more to the enigma of paranormal phenomena than the ghosts and ghouls of tradition. To understand the basics of this most elusive phenomena, is to understand the very nature of reality itself.

In each issue of Paranormal Magazine, we hope to bring you examples of such phenomena at work and even more besides. If we can supply possible answers, we will, so stay with us because the journey may prove to be all you ever hoped for. Available version. Add to Cart. Unfortunately this title is closed! Subscriptions are not available and new issues will not be released.

Prefer to send a gift voucher? Click here for our full range. Paranormal Magazine explores areas of the Paranormal that have been seldom tackled so far. Your purchase here at Pocketmags.

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Making a splash. Chasing traces. Making monster island. Journey to the bottom of the Atlantic. Moon bugs: astronauts under quarantine. When man is an island. Breeding Nemo. Through the magnifying glass. The fish that makes like a tree. Model maladies. The brain's role in pain. Summer camp taught me science.

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Are there plenty more fish in the sea? When whales were fish. Are all animals equal? Fish on the brain. Current Issue. Issue Sidekicks.

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Issue Night. Issue Current. Issue Up in the Air. Issue Music. Issue Space. Issue Obsolete.

Issue Heart. Issue Sex. Issue Robots. Issue Evolution. Issue Oceans. Ishwar Ghosh was 72 when he died of a cardiac arrest two years ago. He had gone for his morning shower and the doctors later said his heart had simply stopped beating. They did, however, find a strand of long hair on his chest.

Except for his wife, everyone assumed it belonged to his sister who had been visiting. Then, a few days ago, while she was in the bathroom on the ground floor, she heard someone giggling and whispering behind her.

She turned around and saw there was no one. As she scrambled to towel herself dry and run out, she suddenly felt cold, damp strands of hair brushing against her lower back. Today, spirit communicators no longer need honey, gold coins or the sacrificial wild ox; they simply whip out a nifty device known as the ghost meter. Her friends and family laughed when she told them the story. She called in Sanyal and his team.

If a family does not perform the final ritual at pret pahar a site in Gaya, Bihar of the deceased, the spirit will never be able to enter heaven and will remain stuck in this world.

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Maybe this happened with some of the previous residents. Each brings their own electromagnetic radiation EMF detector. They walk around the two-floor house, noting readings at various corners. Sanyal himself goes to take the reading in both bathrooms. Two members are then sent to check the surroundings for external wiring. In this case, there is no other source for radiation nearby, and yet, both bathrooms have abnormally high readings.

Spirit communication or mediumship was first recorded in the Old Testament where the Witch of Endor is said to have raised the spirit of the deceased prophet Samuel so that King Saul could seek his guidance for an upcoming battle. But modern-day spirit operators, like Sanyal, no longer need honey, gold coins or the sacrificial wild ox; they simply whip out a nifty device known as the ghost meter.

The palm-sized device with a tiny yellow light is available on eBay India and Amazon for Rs 5,, The lights on the ghost speaker begin to blink furiously and Sanyal groans, his head swaying rapidly from side to side.