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Guardian of Honor book. Read 80 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. With their magic boundaries falling and terrible monsters invad.
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I was pretty familiar with the stage area. Not only had I been the first truly Weeping Willow, I had also been a stagehand.

Soy knew a little about the stage, too. He had tried out for the lead once, but was given the role of a crocodile instead.

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He was mentioned in every review, although indirectly. The set for the next play was still being built.

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There was a forest, and a small hut with pieces of wood scattered all around it. I let Deli out onto the stage, and then Soy and I hopped up after her. The glowing red exit sign was in sight when we passed the hut, but a loud noise from the front of the auditorium stopped us in our tracks. We crouched behind the flat wooden hut. Deli instinctively crouched too, which I thought was strange. Then I saw the terrible news for myself through a window in the hut. It was Ream, and he was being escorted down the aisle by Mr.

Ream was looking down each row of seats as he walked. When he was halfway down, he started speaking. I looked around the set. My eyes settled on a handwritten sign that I had seen many times before, attached to the switch beside us. Ream vaulted up onto the stage, apparently finished searching the seats. Have you finally found him? Soy was about to ask a question, but Deli quieted him with one look.

Ream was ten feet away, right where the set began. I lunged to the side, tore through the warning sign and flipped the switch. Ream shot his head towards me with a sinister snarl. There was a loud crack from above the stage. A wave of red came crashing down on Ream's head, covering him and the ground completely. I was in shock. The curtain had fallen directly on him, just as I had planned, but seeing it happen startled me.

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I approached the pile slowly, but Deli jumped in front. The pile began to rise from the center. It kept growing until it almost reached the ceiling. In a burst, the curtain was split in two by sharp claws. There, standing in front of us, was the King of the Dragons.


His scales were bright yellow and shiny like they were wet. He was more terrifying than any dragon I had ever seen in drawings. His head alone was larger than my whole body. Ream breathed a heavy breath and then let out a puff of steam that blew over me and Deli. Soy was still tucked down behind the hut, but he said later on that he had felt it too. The three of us sprinted toward the exit door.

Warning message

Soy charged through first and, as Deli and I ran behind him, I felt more of the steam. This time it was much hotter. I slammed the door shut behind us and we ran as fast as we could to the tree line.

We hopped over logs and under branches. Soy and I both fell more than once, but never stopped to look back. When we were deep enough into the woods, Deli finally told us that it was okay to walk for a minute. It will make this a lot easier. Change like that? We found the worn dirt path that led to my neighborhood. It was quiet in the woods, except for a few birds. Miss Weaver told Mr. But keep walking.

Spectral Master - Class Quest

My job was to find the hero before Ream did. She was looking at me as she spoke, but I pretended to be interested in the leaves at my feet instead. Nearby, a woodpecker was knocking on a tree. Who did you think wrote them? Deli shook her head. Fairies are able to be places without being seen, and to know what is happening as it happens.

They are the first and true storytellers. And the hero of this story has the most important adventure of all ahead of them. He will have to face the gravest of foes.

See a Problem?

Soy had lost his smile. He lowered his eyes, choosing rocks to stare at instead of leaves. More like a dragon," she replied. Soy and I looked at each other. Deli smiled. She seriously has no idea how to frog.

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  • Once we were inside, Soy started to make a snack from the fridge. My mom had woken up that fateful morning to find our kitchen in shambles. At first she blamed my dad, then what she estimated must have been fifteen raccoons, and then, finally, Soy. He was sprawled out on a pile of containers and wrappers and not nearly enough napkins when my mother came for him. Sometimes I ate from it to help cover for him. Anything you want, okay? Soy was too shocked to speak. It was like she had just asked if he would mind testing every toy in the toy store.

    He nodded and drooled a little. I ran over to the window across from my bed and dresser, pulled up the blinds and lifted the glass as high as I could manage. I used a baseball bat to get an extra two feet and built a base out of three books and an empty glass to hold it up.

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    • Deli gave me a little frog nod. Soy had to drag the backpacks into my room. By the time he got to us, his smile looked like it hurt. As Soy heaved the bags up one at a time, I heard crinkles and clinking and sloshing. I opened my desk drawer and pulled out a dark blue smartphone. It was a birthday gift from my mom.